Volkswagen ID3
Volkswagen ID3
Volkswagen ID3
Volkswagen ID3
Volkswagen ID3

Volkswagen ID3

обнаружено назад , источник опрошен назад
~ 1 715 000 сом
цена определена автоматически и может быть неверной
морская волна
Тип кузова
Внедорожник / Пикап
Год выпуска

The appearance reveals a strong technological element, which is very fashionable and has a particularly high rate of return. The workmanship of the interior is delicate, with no obvious seams and texture.
The space is particularly large, whether it is the driver's seat in the front row, or the rear row and storage space, it is very surprising! Even if three adult men sit in the back row, it will not look crowded!
The car has plenty of power, starts very fast, and doesn't feel sluggish. The steering wheel has a good feel, neither light nor heavy, and the steering is sensitive and accurate. Brake handling is also good. The battery life of the car is also very long, and it can be used for more than ten days on a single charge.

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