Volkswagen ID4
Volkswagen ID4
Volkswagen ID4
Volkswagen ID4
Volkswagen ID4
Volkswagen ID4

Volkswagen ID4

обнаружено назад , источник опрошен назад
~ 2 480 000 сом
цена определена автоматически и может быть неверной
Тип кузова
Внедорожник / Пикап
Год выпуска

The overall appearance of this car looks very cool, and the paint has a high gloss, which does not seem to be particularly exaggerated, but looks very elegant and high-end. The design of the rear is also fuller and more rounded. The interior is very good. It belongs to the simple and simple style of the public. Although it does not seem to have so many decorations, it can give people a refreshing and reassuring feeling. The power is strong, which can be felt from the usual start, and it is also very easy to overtake, and occasionally even forget that it is just an electric car. The comfort of the car is really high, you can feel the soft and comfortable seat when you sit in the car. Shock absorption is also good.
If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. The number of cars is limited, first come first served. Whatsapp:+8615телефон

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